Tuesday, December 5, 2006

India Travelling...

Just read a piece on emerging trends in the travel distribution system in India.
Quite informative.
That's the simplest reflection a layman could make, Isn't it? :D

Well it actually talks about the paradigm shift taking place in this vertical, aligning itself with the International trends...and clearly speaks out the established cannon in any services business - 'Reaching Out' to the consumers.
Sounds Geek ? Lets Talk Simple.
From the traditional model of 'Travel-Agents' to the mass tourism culture to emergence of low cost carriers to the rising Corporate travel spending...travel distribution has come a long way.
Some technicalities: At the core of this is the GDS or Global Distribution System as they say, and of course the Internet, which has expanded the playing field for Travel Agents. Most airlines have dedicated direct holdings to these GDS companies [like Amadeus], through which many systems are now accessible to consumers through Internet gateways for hotel, rental cars and other services, not to forget the airline tickets!. These GDS companies are thus not just the ones running inventory distribution softwares. Through GDS, Agents are powered to do anything - from simple e-ticketing to full fledged FIT Itinerary without a phone call! And Yes, everything hassle free.

Further, innumerable travel portals (Say: The Dot Com Bubble in 90's) have mushroomed in all these times...with their USP being immediate response to the user request and selling almost a tangible product...instantly catering the customer's end-to-end needs.

But the future is still far off when an Indian travaller will round the globe with just a single e-ticket. Maybe in just another year or so...So Wait!


Anonymous said...

I am looking for more of YOU in this... but its a great article to report :)

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