Thursday, December 14, 2006


It was a dull room. Sober, pale lights on. Powerpoint up for a long show. We all victims were made to sit round table.
There was he standing formal, stiff and ready with his monotonous harangue. And then the jargons or, so to say, gobbledygooks started pouring in: 'Quality', 'Mgmt', 'Business', 'Policy', 'Process Improvement', 'Excellence' were few prominent elements that traversed their way to my ears. It was going to be a long journey, 74 slide ppt. Except few ebullient pupils, all deadpans were mute. Waiting.
Slides flashed & vanished, without making any coherent sense to us. There were few who pretend to hark, raising questions time to time.

And when it finished it was bliss. It was a tolerance test of how much hogwash u can bear, without falling asleep, yawning allowed.

So do we need such non interactive training sessions which you have to attend just for the sake of it...just to quaff a monthly dosage of training formalities.

I remember we had to attend a lot of these abstruse sessions during initial 'training' days in the company. Hope I could have understood just 10% of it.

I must admit that the sessions are NOT all crap bulls**t, but instead the way these corporate lessons are taught (read: preached) to a brash college-pass graduate could be better. [By the way I believe in Constructive feedback u know :)].

This is because whatever is presented usually is only well comprehended by higher management ppl, in higher echelons of any organisation...because they have lived through it...and so they recognise it's value relating to certain real life situation through which they have learnt it...or can just visualize through their umpteen experiences.
It's like a perspicuous mental picture formed when you fully understand a theory...surely knowledge comes in a flash!


Aparna.G said...

I used to conduct training sessions for a living.. all hogwash huh? But, ya, i know what u mean.. :-)))

A S H I S H said...

Say what, You conducted some sessions - and those were some of the good times in ILP :-)
...Else things turned out quite impassive...or so to say these could have been better.

Often felt like feedbacking u abt all that in time, but...

Harshada said...

The last one is the best re... & here I totally agree with you :))

Cyzak said...

Hey bro.. try this out Im sure this will help (It helped me)