Tuesday, February 6, 2007

KNOWN Strangers

Strangers come in all Shapes and Colors. Often when I get to travel somewhere I encounter them...Lots & lots of them. Well all they do is to just leave a fleeting feeling inside you, that fades away soon. Last week I had another fruitful experience.

In the milling crowd of the airport, or railway station, it's a good pastime having them, their idiosyncrasies often sets me thinking: "How can anyone like him/her exist in this world?", "Why the hell is she making such hue and cry?", "Will this swaggering dude ever stop being insane." bla bla bla...
And the process starts - We start delineating a whole life out from their appearance and physiognomy (i.e. face reading)...
Enough. More or less I find my strangers fall into following genuses:

If by mistake you chance upon them, their why-me face will say it all...they will be very defensive answering simple questions, seems like their never-talk-to-strangers moms have groomed them well enough. I prefer to stay away from them.

These seems to have just come out of their corporate boardrooms...calculated diplomatic answers...with a feigning enigmatic smile, or think about that plastic smile...with a zombie-sh attitude (Think about the air hostesses on your last Airbus trip). Huh. Enough of these cardboard characters...just kill that veneer of self-proclaimed vanity of professionalism...Phuleeeazzze.

KNOWN Strangers:
Oh my!...talking to them just for a moment leaves a gnawing sense..wish I could meet him/her again (Hey this is not just abt beautiful chics ONLY!). I mean this could either be the personal bonhomie, or the helpful-chimerical attitude that cast spell on you, or their brash free-wheeling persona...all in all it means connecting at a higher level...as if you already KNOW them...it's not just hi-hello chit chat.

Anyway I guess a courteous cheerful face with a just-be-yourself attitude is good enough to connect that way...or maybe people here better need a lesson on Emotional Intelligence I guess, in this mechanical world.


Aparna.G said...

hehe.. I agree! But the thing with strangers & me is, somehow, they remain a stranger.. I have a good time on the flight/train/bus talking to them.. and then, they vanish..poof!

A S H I S H said...

As a matter of fact...that is true actually :), Known Stranger are very very rare...rest all are 'Gone To Soon...'...and sometimes who cares actually!