Monday, February 19, 2007

That Puff Of Smoke...

We met after a long time. It was a pleasant time together...and to do some quality talk u always (okh, not always for that matter) need something different...that gets u into the mood, and sets the ambience right.

Not surprisingly, some ppl Booze...that sets them on, and being sozzled up gives them a second life...surely. In our case it wasn't being teetotaller (for some strange stupid they say) made things complicated as to what we should do then.

He offered me a smoke. I had tried that only Once all before. Strangely enough, without hesitation I picked that up.

Sometimes doing things together is more important what the thing is, I guess.

It felt gud, and then we talked and talked about all our good and bad heart-felt experiences...that u carve to share on these prized moments only.

*And then we puffed again.

*And stop.

*And not again after that...

I believe if something makes ur moment really special shouldn't be resisted, u gotta break shackles of ur self-prison and stop being conservative......Liberal mindest always helps...provided u just have then the gumption to be conscioulsy aware of wat u are doing...and Feel Free! Do I sound Nuts ?*$%^@#%.

P.S.: "They Say Neccessay Is The Mother Of Invention...

That's Why Cigarette Lighter Was Invented Before Matchstick...!"


Chetan said...

We main woh doora kaun tha/thi

A S H I S H said...

Obviousssly yaar "tha" not "thi" :)
Do u think some "thi" who boozes and smokes can ever get with me :))
And it was in my recent Delhi u can figure out "tha" from our college gang...:)