Friday, March 30, 2007

Marketing...To The Neurons Now!

Really the world dynamics is 'Shifting' it has always been.

Now people from neurosciences looking for new avenues, with their psychologist friends, have come down to economists, to put down some 'Research', onto the shoppers/customers behaviour using fMRI Brain Scanners! They will check out which part of brain gets activated to different incentives and rewards (say pleasure center), in order to figure out some pattern or so...don't know how.

Not that we are unabashed anti-enthusiasts to Neurosciences, but Neuroeconomics!...hmm that's a bit hard on a consumer's beware of Scanners next time you visit the Hyper Mall...they might indiscriminately be reading your innocent mind.

Research oriented towards hedonic solace to empirical studies should be avoided at the first place...
However the good part of it is that it may be able to explain some widely-known whimsical human behavior, quite inexplicable hitherto.

But still...not as a malicious manipulative tool for advertisers and market hedgehogs to influence buying decisions...Phulleeezzzzzze.

Any relation to happiness, hmm...check out this.


Cyzak said...

Bro.. Thanks for cautioning me "Beware of Scanners next time you visit the Hyper Mall.".. but I think this is encroachment of my personal space (at least the behavior of my mind is personal).. what if i don't want to be the guinea pig for this kind of research.

A S H I S H said...

Hmm I guess these things will evolve with times...and while consumers can still crack a whip on these peeping-toms, prosumers may still like to embarce the tech. Multitudeness everywhere, you know!