Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pursuing Happyness

Chris Gardener...and that tall sprightly figure props in my mind every time, yes after I encountered him in the character flick The Pursuit Of Happyness few day back.

I feel it's not good to write opinionated reviews about anything (until asked!)...however I must say any good piece of art just absorbs you...and it offers more than it admits.
So here are just a few good moments from the movie:

* Last year, we had an intern score a remarkable 96.4 percent on the written exam...He wasn't chosen. It's not a simple pass/fail...
...Be safe, score a Hundred.
(The Intern teacher "advising" our hero in the classroom)

* Don't ya let anybody tell you that 'You Can't Do It'. Period.
(Chris - pedagoging his son Christopher, in an emotionaly pithced moment)

* He must've had on some really nice pants.
(This to the interviewer question "Wat would he say if he interviewed someone under-dressed like him status quo." When all our hero had put on for the interview was a dishevelled paint-mottled Shirt, running straight out of prison for the interview!). He thus casually-whackily makes big out of the most common refrain - Bad Luck, to a valuable anecdote. A bootstrapping strategy to say more professionaly :)

Surely, bright people just make the most snappy out of even bad luck, while others have busy time cribbing.

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