Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Two Iye's

Innocence...and Insight, just how related both are, yet how contrasting. Sometimes knowledge is killing, when that Wish-I-Never-Knew-It feeling haunts you. After reading this elegant piece, I am left with this gnawing sense: How much shuld be known to act, how much naivete can be tolerated... The author gives several examples where both extremes are legitimate...yet which position will click varies case to case. While innocence establishes communion and attachment, pure congnizance is something everyone sees as ultimate manifestation or power...Is everything a compromise...a tradeoff?...Or our intuitive mind is enough to deal with all this.
Should an ignoramus child be allowed to act on his/her free will...knowingly or unknowingly? Should using innocence for noble cause be justified against destructive truth. On lighter side say, lying to boss to help your mate meet his Date! Hmm for now I would like to preseve my innocence for home, and would safely act with insight in the workplace...nahh, it can't be that simple.

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