Monday, June 25, 2007

A Worthy Virus

Seth Godin, bestselling author and Agent Of Change, writes prolifically about viral marketing and IdeaViruses in his famed book. It's live example is his venture, an online service collecting innumerable hand-built user-pages, each a focused, useful guide (Lenses) on an area of expertise...i.e. a one-place quickest way of "getting things done"...say 'How To Find A Job In A Day', 'How To Choose A Perfect Diet For Your Pet' and just like that!

The novel marketing model (read: Permission Marketing
), more prevalent in Internet advertising for now, is based on word-of-mouth contagion model, owing to the fact that Ideas can be much more contracting than anything else. Seth avers that we live in winner-takes-almost-all world, and now masses are more connected than ever and profit margin for creating and owing an ideavirus is huge.
This all seems fabulous, however one considerable concern I guess, is the problem of plenty consumers will be facing...overloaded information deluge, Attention Deficit, excessive indulgence... All these accountable for Information Snacking, which is a typical human trait. If you have a bus home from office at every five minutes interval, then you would be unremarkably promiscuous regarding time and would reach your dwelling at a higher variance timings...

...And little Jane asked: "Mom, will my world all be a clutter and muddle forever..."


Aparna.G said...

U do have a good point.. We are looking at marketing strategies only, and not at the outcome of such a huge market! Look at whats happening rite now.. internet is a good example of our gen-next!

A said...

@ Aparna
Yeah rightly so, Internet is as much an advertising playground than a knowledge/re-creational workplace...

Thanx for visiting!