Saturday, July 14, 2007

From Ripples To The Splash! **

May Just In A Little While...
Those HeartBeats' come to Life,
All in all it's in ur Genes and Memes
And All that'll not be is this moment.

So looking by the side by the corner,
May just be an empty void broken mirror,
But that still shines all bright in white light,
And so all that matters is ur soul's spright...

Something is still entrenched so deep,
Something still made to cross the steep.
Out of sight it smiles like an esthetic lady...
And walks tall all alone while the bones freeze.

So feel it's coming, feel it's feelings
And it'll make ur day and roll all the way
Beneath ur skin, beside ur shadow, it's just stashed
From Stipples to The Swash, From Ripples To The Splash!

**Saw this caption and snap in TOI few time back and felt invigorated to do something about my energy...hope it translates out well here...By the way plz do read what Memes are, in the link.

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darshan said...

Very good poems dude...try poetry as an alternate option...