Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Fling.

Below is the article I submitted to "My Best Experience" contest in my firm. I'll be getting a gift ;)

Life’s a fling. Sometimes a big smash-shot and sometimes just a fuss-and-poof! Sometimes it makes noises of ruffling papers while sometimes it’s an organic tune of some plucked strings. We sally into the blue wide ocean for a tripping, and then we realize we need to reach the scary depths to claim the glistening seashells.

While we leave behind a memory trail, we capture new picturesque that never stops to amuse us, reveal how special yet how inconsequential few moments can be, before the ticking clocks reminds us that we are just a story that the master storyteller has chosen us to be...

There was a time, when I happened to behold one of those vivid picturesque, those which stay close to the heart, and those which you clip as a badge on your life portrait...All along my sophomore years, I had had this wish to do some seriously serious research work. Scientist, yes you got it right. I chanced upon a research institute (RI) for my summer internship. And then the rest was history, ordeal into the labs :)

I came across the Real Scientists, with whom I needed to fabricate semiconductor materials: that end up as tiny intricate things without which the ubiquitous computers won't exist…and neither would my current job ;)
I lived a second life at RI, a life into scary equations, streaky graphs, pile of tomes full of gobbledygook, lingering around big sophisticated machines, and bungling with blistering acids that can suck the last drip of blood from your skin. I played with chemicals more precious than even gold and platinum, so pure that even your breath can make them dirty. I used to grope in corridors of library, google, run a slew of experiments and verify results day and again.

I had had techincolor dreams and surreal thoughts about those equations – balancing and negotiating, just needed right to sustain the system. Jack Welch has rightly said: "While researching you get so much involved that you think you gonna win a noble prize!". It was a world of a curious kid on the block, of a thin hope, of a rock determination, of a chocolate-box passion, of an order in chaos and of extreme umpteen possibilities. Much as you wallow through the subatomic world, its stashed secrets and extravagant shows bemuses you like wild honey would do.

It felt good. Good that all those bootstrapped little efforts culminated into little opus. As my stint at RI was closing in to the end, I realized that the run-on-the-lane to the finish-line is more important than finishing itself, that at times a rush of blood is required to keep you ticking!

The last day my mentor had few words of praise for me, for I exceeded some expectations…it felt good, again.
And this picturesque remained, in the story.

"…Grace finds beauty…in everything."
- U2

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