Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ain't She Rocking...

It's 4 in Morning, and I m about to finish these lines...

A Comfortable Silence,
In Her Voice, In Her Frivolity
Rainwater Dripping Down And
It's Cold, But She's Holding Still

In Blissful Unawareness,
She Is Making Ends Meet,
While The Clock's Ticking,
Sans A Heartbeat Sans Any Feel

She's Free, Or Is It Just
Her Starry-Eyed Perception,
Or Love For A Heartburn Life,
That Speaks A Tough Language

A Hazy Smoke Surrounds
Her Ghetto, Her Dwelling,
That's More Malign Than
The Charcoal She Blows...

...That Fills Water In Her Eyes,
And Blows Ash-Flakes Bits
In The Thicketh Of Her Hair,
Which She Twirls And Twists.

Her Papery Hands Soiled,
Yet Clean, And Adore No Blings,
Or Rings, But She Wears A Smile
Of Some Esthetic Beauty.

While The Sun's Still Sleepy,
She Trods Long Miles Bare Feet,
For A Bowl Of Springwater And,
For Gallons Of Milk You Swill

And The Dusk Resonates
With The Sweet Lullabies,
And Her Organic Folklores;
As She Carries That Distinctive
Rustic Grace And Tender-Love.

Note sure how much it captures the bucolic charm. There's a single in the movie Manthan, most of us would have heard of, at least in this Amul Ad. It's so resounding and touches the senses forevermore...Here's that complete rhapsody for you - Mero Gaam Katha Parey...

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