Sunday, September 16, 2007

[ I N . . .     ]

In the Greatness of Hill Heights,
In the Shrill of Cheers n Claps,
In the Dust of Sprinting Shoes,

In the Rolling Tears from Eyes,
In the Lines of Executing Code,
In the Airs of a Victory Whistle,

In the Tension of Plucked Strings,
In the Farness of Telescope Lens',
In the Mirror's Shine facing You,

In the Vocal veins of a Tenor,
In the Lips curved for a Smile,
In the Flow of Writer's Dark Ink,
In the Pigments of Framed Potrait,

In the Stretch of Flying Wings,
In the Perfectness of 2+2 = ... ,
In the Fixed Direction of Cold Rails,
In the Beckoning of a Cheerleader,

In the Freshness of Your First Breathe,
In the Chill after Hard-done Sweating,
In the Bubbles of Tumbling Metaphors,
In the Hunt of Twilight at Tunnel's End,

In the Circular Thoughts of Kids,
In the Colors of Their Fantasies,
In the Shrug of Young Shoulders,
In the Steadiness of Old Soiled Feet,

In the Frivolity of Homespun Pranks,
In the Lost Speed of Crossing Light,
In the Thin Wait for Forgotten Friend,
In the Friendship with not-called 'Friends'...

Didn't intend to end with the last two dispirited lines, but they stood strong...and I stopped. Neglect them.
Wished to write more. Btw, welcome You to Comment Some of Your "In The's...". Lets Live A Little.


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