Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Of Triumphs And Trudges

There was it again...the young guns standing tall with a deservedly triumph, 4 in a row. However this time it was bigger one: the final soup at T20. There's a new wave around here, aggressive and insurmountable. The game has changed, the strategy has changed, but the spirit remains the same...yet more gripping and jazzier. Few trends are noticeable that marks this coming of age. The transformation is manifested in the world around you:

Risky Minded: Calculated smart risk pays well. Growing number of us from IIT's and IIM's are riding on the entrepreneurial waves these days. New avenues are opening day by day and this dovetails well with the rising youth population. Dhoni and his fearless men symbolize this on the playground. But you need to believe in:

Present, As It Is: It's a crunch, make no mistake, Life's a smash. Eminem says "Life has one shot, don't miss blow it" in "Lose Yourself". On the ground every ball is an opportunity. Outside also everyday behooves from you something new and special, but you gotta find it. Present is all you have; speed and multitudinous can be killing, which brings me to the next point.

ADD Mad: I am talking about Attention Deficit Disorder. You have your cellphone, your iPod, your home PC, your office Laptop, your TV, your girlfriend, you zen and lifehacking habits, your credit-card callers, your dreams at night, your aspirations for tomorrow...All seeking your fragmented attention in between the extravagance. And then you look for instant gratification everywhere...have to say T20 is the result of this same instant-gratification for Success everywhere. And so we have:

Time lapses, Money flows: You are trying to fit in your boxes with every flower you can find, but have forgotten their smell. Shrinking daily activities and living double than you've been before, looking for spices in everything you taste. The every-weekend-multiplex culture is kind of addiction rolled into a package for you.

Don't lap up at the fickle disquietude way of life, find your place and how you can pay-off in the disorder instead. Dhoni and his Men have this message for you.

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