Saturday, September 8, 2007

Smart Bricks In The Wall...

By the time we all started out with the name-hobby thing for one another, it seemed we've already been friends since long. A pleasant moment in the evening filled with so much vibe, with bubbles of fanciful dreams, and with that soft clamor...No doubt children come in all different ShApEs and do their chocolates and their chocolate-box ideas. Some play tough, some talk high, some conspire good, some just see through things!, some are elegant at being mute and some just dream damn big and make it true.

At their age I was...hmm maybe more dumber than any of them :), thanks to Akanksha being there for them. It's slew of efforts for these underprivileged kids is commendable, and now I m trying to play a part...Good Ain't So:)

We are supposed to mentor these kids, with some informal education, some nuggets of wisdom. I asked Somebody already been there for sometime and Somebody said it's been a "Enriching" experience. I don't know what Somebody meant by "Enriching" there, but I guess I would've told the same to you. So much of the world is lost when you try to capture it in just a single word, so much unsaid things lost around just because there wasn't any context to carry them.

Kids are like riffles of swift spring water, riding high on their bounty fantasies. They shud be given the luxury to live every moment, in their dreamland, up away among the stars. Free of shit around here.
Oh I'm going back tooo the Start...

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