Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2 + 2 Is 4. Always?

It's not easy to let your rational ego get spanked with trivial mundane questions. That's why in school days you'd try to jump upon those 2 + 2 = 5 things for hunting the lurking fallacy. However there's no single tunnel vision of stereotyping views, just as there's a million ways of interpreting a ray of light in a dark room : for Newton it's undulating waves at Godspeed, for a Devotee its the pathway to the God, for a child it is just-another bright eye-catcher, for a blind it simply doesn't mean anything.

So on a subjective note then, do 2 and 2 always make 4? When your were born you were blank and have no particular reason to take this. So these two 2's could well be anything for you. And when you were loaded with bits of information that comply to the sciences in this world, you were enlightened how 4 can actually sum up. This is all about Mind-Body entangling process - Just conceive of a world somewhere where they may have belief system to make the two 2's as 7.

If you still can't digest things consider this bluntly: There are two balloons in a mug, you place two more, so that you now have 4. Easy, but replace balloons now with drops of water. If you put in two drops, will you have 4 drops total?...or a single bigger drop of water. Are drops the new rebels?

So the crux is that numbers are one of the possible abstractions of the world around us, and are more visible because of their utility in the reality. And we make our servile minds adapt it...

Winston, the Protagonist in Orwell's 1984 says:

"Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two is four. If that is granted, all else follows."

But I would prefer 'five' in place of 'four' above. :D

PJ Pick: They say its a Universal Truth...right but still not Multi-Universal Truth... :)
Read about Hawking's Baby Universes for more.

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