Sunday, October 21, 2007

Money Matters...Really?

Trying out a new B-Model is not so much of a bungling idea, especially when you fall into the "Been there done that" category, or when you are one of the "round pegs in the square holes" - Think-Different creatures. I am talking about the Grammy winner band Radiohead and their new bout of selling music for almost-free-"pick-your-price" strategy on their website. They say Ok here's the deal...we'll play, you give whatever you wish to. Initially it was anticipated to create havoc in music industry but its not so by now. Rightly here are some bullets on the same:
  • The music makers have realized now that people are more keen to listen and buy individual songs rather than the complete whole album...This intially clicked to iPod makers and so they (Steve and Co.) packaged and branded the music as consummate digital byproduct, then evangilised it upstage and the rest is history.
  • The reason why I said "been there done that" is because normally only music lions would try this kinda fling which may click...zillions of indiviual artists in every little home carve that somebody would come and listen to their shit, and so they advertise publish it for they become Beatles overnight?...But when you are as valued as Radiohead you know your market value and whatever you do may become a new fangle.
  • Trend-spotters may jump and say this may happen to other industries...say books, movies. But there's a difference. Music is something you like to come to day and again, and it just involves your effortless side ears. So it pays off more in terms of your time it takes and then serves back (I m not saying value). It's not true with other flicks...would you read Fountainhead a thousand times just as you would've listened to Summer Of 69.
  • Conventional wisdom says whatever holds more value should sell costlier... To rip it apart, the band guys have made a stalwart statement about their novel and perceptive way of judging the true value of some thing that's traditionally commoditized around money... And it may give totally new measure of some product value.

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