Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Avocations And SideLife.

Often I wonder what would I label as "My Hobby". Not that old school question with plain replies of philately, cricket, movies and music. And I guess the myth widely prevails on how avocations are misconstrued with arbitrary-pastime activities. So when someone mentions "Listening Music" as his favorite spare-time gig I feel ire and sorry for that hopeless dude/dudette. I feel it is important how far you get along with things that you picked up on your youthful highway, worshiped it, and tied to your heart noose, so much so that you'll cherish it forevermore in your years to come.

So hypocritical is a generation and the culture that entails it that most of the times people keep grumbling about the job their restless ass has been loaded up with, about endless requiem of how they are caught in a soup in their current firm,
and the maximum you can get out from them as their "Favorite Pastime" is a zombie statement "Watching Movies, Sleeping". Huh! 24 hours is more than enough to living to the fullest a day, and given that normally humans are very stingy in utilizing their brainpower (if its not a myth - wasting 90% of the brain capacity you are capable of, and its not just about geeks)... I guess then the great Lord expected more from you here...

Enough of homily. For some people though their vocation is their everything...job and pastime, food and breathe, and love and life in fact. I salute them. If you are one of these creatures help others and show them the door {Yeah act Morpheus}.

For me I would label this Lucid-Dreaming things as my hobby (as of know, in quest for more). Because that's when I am lost in the wilderness of imagination, in the bubbles of creativity, in a shit-free world all around. I just make out anything: directing a scene for the last heard good song, or a scene from the last read fiction flick...or carving out words for my post up here in this blog...
or figuring out how to teach calculus to 5th class kid, or a rendezvous with SRK or Bill Gates for that matter :) bla bla bla. It's subtly enriching I would say...wish to make it count more.
However this apart my job is my sidelife
in status quo and still long way to go till the bird flies...

And yes the good Lord expected more of you here before he takes you away. Wake up from slumber find yourself, if ya haven't.

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