Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Gen. Q And Its Three Q's.

The Flat World propagandist Thomas L. Friedman writes prolifically here in NYT about Americanism and the next young generation of 'Quiet Americans' - Generation Q - as he calls it, quite seemingly. He talks about 'more optimistic and idealistic' American teenagers he met in colleges, a shift which is a nice juxtaposition of how we outside perceive them to be - as brash free-wheeling ignorant inscrutables.

If I am not poking fun, such has been the perception that an insightful perview of American mindest came in this presentation - where they paralled it with nothing other but the country Flag: Red strips represent the Americans favoring war in Iraq, White strips for those who don't, and the corner Blue in for those who don't even KNOW where is Iraq!
However Friedman harks back against the so called 'Greediest Generation' of American typified by George Bush leadership, and is upbeat about the new reverberations that he observed in colleges, that represent a more cautious, constructive and knowledge savvy cult.

But what really caught me is his 'Three Questions' the American youth will now have for the political representatives of their country. They would say "Hey wait,
What is your plan for mitigating climate change?
What is your plan for reforming Social Security?
What is your plan for dealing with the deficit — so we all won’t be working for China in 20 years?"

Which brings me to our case...What's the three most haunting questions Indian youth would pry into our country helmsmen. I had to work out some time before I decided upon these:
*Will you get me a job?...If yes is it really worth enough (The youth doesn't know!)
*Do you have enough money,
including your fucking bribes/scams cheques, to build roads and bridges all around.
*Can't you cut some of your red tape and lets run and function faster before China shadow us completely, and then we have to deal with things when you're gone...

Folks any more stalking Questions you would vouch for?

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