Friday, November 2, 2007

Hankered HomeComing.

And there's the cow and the tiny tots peeing in middle of street
And there's their dry shit that sticks onto your shining sleepers!
And there's the bully barking doggies chasing the untamed cats
And there's the veggie hawkers howling tough for their bargains
And there's the big grubby pigs romping in municipality garbages

As the mudwater splashes around on your spruce fair legs
You grump and sneeze and mock at the vicinity all around
Alongside, the smoke frees out of the huts and chokes you
And the deep filthy fishes make your nose gravely suicidal

And the mosquitoes set their faction up above your forehead
As they taste sweet blood out of your plump metropolitan skin
A cricket ball then plops on your head from the rooftop nearby
And you hear servile shouts for ball from the urchins up above
"Hey You deep shit! Please throw back my ball I beg you..."

And you reach home carrying along a jolt of untold cold feelings,
Of all experiences and mental rewindings of the year just goneby
Some firm hands hold you by side again, but they are old by now
You drench into its smugness, but a truculent nostalgia nags you.

And as dusk settles does the dust & honking traffic
Then your house bulbs black out for hours as power load sheds
You loiter on the rooftop and feel the silent confining darkness
As winds cool the summer sweat trickling off your grown belly...

You board a rickety-rackety rickshaw that bumps along the roads
And you hustle into the old markets that still talk the same noise,
But there's a comfortable silence in every hour you spend around,
And You feel...
That still some part of you breathes and plays here,

That still you belong to this ghetto only, faraway from big citylights.


These Thoughts I captured while at home, in bittersweet peace.

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