Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Small Wonders...

I feel just writing reviews and opining for something that absorbs you and tiptoes your heart is not sufficient. So when I watched something as sensitive as Taare Zameen Par, I decided of putting few lines of my thoughts and feelings around this remarkable work of cinema. Here they are:

You so much love your kite, but you don't wanna hold it
You want to make it fly high, & feel freedom of the Winds
That roams all around unnoticed but sees all it wishes to...

You struggle with creepy numbers and letters forevermore
And you become lost more too often, that just makes You
Wish they could also just fly away forever into night darkness

You collect all mysterious things in your trove everyday
Wishing to make something big out of them, but you
Wonder will it be big enough to make your friends envy

You'r standing by the wall with big guns pointed at your head
But you don't even understand why they are hitting you so bad
In fact you'r lost in your reveries, who cares for the rushing shots

But sometimes they bring tears in your quite heart
And your dreams refuse to stay in your sullen eyes,
And they leave you, alone with your untold cold feelings

And things go unusually overboard, like diamonds fearing light
Like stars glistening very bright and pretending to be all alright
But still inside their tangerine glow, seethes a supernova show

But I still see that dream for you, I see it fabulously big
It's tucked within the clouds in skies, waiting to bloom
And I see Your eyes speak lot more than your lips ever do

Like a wisp of smoke, your imaginations keep wavering, And I See
Splash of colors there, which keeps getting washed away - But You
Are not a moment too soon, And I'll make you cross your first mile,

Because you don't know that some part of me lives in your smile...

That's it. You can (or must have) read reviews about the movie elsewhere.

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