Saturday, January 5, 2008

"I Want To Be A..."

Imagine when you were at the age of 12, you were uniformly questioned what you wanted to be in Life. So naively aspiring we are at that age isn't it. It's like picking out your favorite color balloon from the only visible part of the bunch that your eyes can see...
I (we) actually did the same with the group of kids that we mentor at the NGO we are involved in for quite a while now. Here's how the aspirations look at that age:

I was kind of transfixed to everything cribbed on this I scanned it and bought it here :) We've planned to make the necessary roadmap for the kids and provide them the wherewithal for all of these innocent ambitions. Lets see how far we can go along and make us useful to these kids.


cyzak said...

Hi ngels,
did i get the name right ??
Mate you are really doing a great job with NGO and kids.. but I am bit surprised to see what kids aspire.
Long back when I was a kid there were only options like engineer and doctor sometimes a crickter or an actor.. but these kids are very specific I mean Mechanical Engineer (I didn't know what it means when I was 12) and Hotel Manager (ah.. MBA :)) but the biggest surprise NO DOCTOR..

Things are really changing .. As some one said in a movie "Wheels are in motion"..

But keep up the good work.. I am proud of U :)

A said...

Thanks man for your comments and compliment...

Actually these kids stay in the Slum areas in they have a different picture of things all around...maybe based on what profession people go from their ghetto places...

Plz keep coming.

finding thyself said...

hi A,

Good work and observation. Life holds lot of surprises for many.