Sunday, January 20, 2008

...Saying GoodBye Before Hello.

Isn't how true you should always be,
To make them believe in all of you...
Like you should run a nifty marathon,
To prove you can walk alone a long mile.

Or maybe even shed hidden tears of fate,
To show you can be intrinsically humane,
Or perhaps laugh loud at yourself to testify
That you can get little smile on some faces...

Did you know, you'll be so wrong about them,
Who meet each other and don't utter a word,
But lie through their eyes and in their smiles -
A crack in ice, a set of rolling dices in disguise.

They stand close but are thousand miles distant
In their thoughts - tied by blinkered anticipation,
And tired feelings, separated by years of sadness,
And its like a meeting to say Goodbye before Hello.

And did you know, you'll see it all through eyes,
But feel the grief much before you'll meet them,
Since they'll depart with a convincing shake-hand,
Much sooner than your memories of the meeting can.

And so finally some part of you has been lost all forever,
In bits of domesticated and crippled sentiments...Frozen
By now - And you try not to lose light in your eyes again...
Or should you just try hard not to be so true to them again?

These lines are for some of my friendships with not-called Friends - old and new, who have left a void in me. I don't know what to do with them and the shallow feelings now, probably forgetting is near impossible for me. Shouldn't there be any Collateral in some Friendships :)...

...or a windscreen cleaner to wipe the slate clean.


rads said...

You wrote this when I was battling some of my own exact feelings.
It sucks saying goodbye doesn't it? Especially when one is forced to say it.

A said...

Guess I wrote this more than a year back...and looking back I feel I've changed a bit now. Hmm more cautious of what the lines mean here :)

I'm glad that you can relate to this. Saying goodbye sucks yes indeed, but more so when the other one never actually felt 'being' with you...It was only you and your idea of him/her...

Thanks for dropping by!