Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sparks. Committed To.

A spark flew from there to there*
Unbecoming, unfinished and undone
It coasted and it sought no direction
Nor did it find some cement to adhere
As we sat and we watched it together, 
Watched it shedding its own dominion.

Perhaps it strayed off on this shore
From some rabid wind-buffetted flame
And she said 'Go douse it before...'
'Before it can become a fire a fiend'
But I thought, 'Why to? What For?'

For some Sparks outlive themselves
And it wasn't one of those for sure.

A Spark flew from there to there; And it lay 
Like those inconspicuous Sparks instead
Which shoots up within us every other day.

The Spark within us
Of an obvious but ever-renewed prosaic idea 
Of cageless passion and the hint of a rainbow
Of a romantic intuition and unfathomed areas
Of sincere reproach and disowned choked ego
Of all imaginative love and wellspring-ed will
Of fresh energies and flashes of clairvoyance,
The Spark within us
Of the dawn of a slightly different tomorrow.

'I should try this, I should visit there'
'I should explore more, I must ask her'
'I should quit here, I should start anew'
'I must learn lots, I should be more hued'
But none of these or suchlike, we ever do.

And which all Sparks wither more too often
Less for the need for daily bread,
And more for the need for greed
Oh this Lazy Ass! Oh this Dickless Snobbery!
It leaves us grim and gormless, 
And it leaves us criminally bare
But Hey wait! I've grown out of this snare
Which is what I try telling her.

The Spark that flew from there to there
This she said not I...
I just sat there close to it, close to her
But for me, both -- She and the Spark,
Seem to be unattainable...
Both of whom I wish to be committed to,

*This line is not mine.

Image: Flickr

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