Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Uncrystallized Thoughts.

+ Learn to Forget. It Helps.

+ I Never Have Time For: Boredom. Stay away from it. At any cost.

+ Not knowing the limits is dangerous, but knowing the limits is also dangerous many a times. Where to go!

+ Over-Empathy is vulnerable. Be Selfish Sometimes.

+ Ignorance is Important, not just because Ignorance is Bliss.

+ Things could-have-been better...and Things could-have-been worst.
This could-have-been is a big culprit.

+ Maths is so useful (and beautiful) beacuse it's is the only thing in universe that is absolute...everything else is relative or uncertain.
2 plus 2 is 4 whether you live or die.

+ Dont blush or take pride, everyone out here is hard-working, is some way or the other.

+ Eccessive far-sightedness will kill you.

+ Don't fall in love with your ideas/thoughts/opinions. You are no god, just a slob.

+ Question everything, but be ready to accept the second-best answer.

+ If u r not good at what you love to do, provided u've been given the chance to do that, then u r a Big Dumb. Better go to Himalayas u berk.

+ Question of My life - When to stop trying.

+ Learn To Listen. To others.