Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Assumed So.

"There's no Light."

"Why do you think there should be some?"

"I...I assumed so."

"You assumed did you, or you believed there should be any?"

"Huh! What difference does it make? Light still isn't there."

"Assumption brings in a burden. While belief looks further to the idea. Belief enables. Belief is an opportunity."

"And why on earth do you think I'll believe your this piece of shit. Go sit in the corner."

"See you yourself talking of belief, of believing me..."

"Hmm So?"

"You didn't mention you would assume I am talking shit, instead you would like to believe so."

"That's just a rhetorical entanglement. Wonder what you are up..."

"Trying to assume would've let you break free easily. Break away with the usual nonchalance and think of being normal again which you are Not actually..."


"...And while trying to believe showed your concern, your novelty of thoughts."

"So do you mean I should believe everything just to show my concern. To also become conspicuously different? This sounds like a cocktail-party mentality. Ha."

"Yes and No."

"You know you really suck sometimes. You pseudo-intellectual slob."

"NO because you won't naturally be concerned about every little mundane thing around you. And you don't have to. You are no God and you can't be."

"Hmm and so why Yes?"

"YES because it's about believing first-time first-hand, and not assuming and not speculating - is the only way to commit yourself to things you bother about. Only way to consign your thoughts to your uniqueness. And you'll put effort in only those things that you believe in...the last point is quite obvious and clichéd isn't it?"

"Obvious? Be aware you are talking dream-fully abstract. Like asking a lemon for drops without a squeeze."

"It might be abstract. But I am glad you can make that out. And there's some inquisitive squeeze in your words if you can sense that."

"Well well."

"Hmm are you saddened? Are you restrained? Are you..."

"No. Ah wait. Why IS there no light. Where's the switch at the first place? Where's the sun? Are my eyes still shut? What should I do about it?"

"There you are. You first-hand Belief. See you are more new, Now. Congrats! Bye."

"Wait! Light, Still isn't there..."

Image: FilmFanatic