Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Awards, Probably.

Cheers Time!
Probably (No, Really!) somewhere a faithful friend felt my blog
deserved to be among her list of "Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008" felicitation. Yay!

Probably not that I wanted it to be a surprise, but it came as a smug surprise yes, hmm like you've been looking at a glossy mirror for something in front of you, and probably suddenly it shines at that nice acute angle, for a moment, that shows the best smiles of yours :)

Probably I should flinch from being that much metaphorical. No probably I don't want to make it appear isolated and abstract.

But Probably few days back while dozing in the office I thought of deleting this blog, blog which feels passive and not a darling. Probably because I realized I m not doing justice to it, not attending to it when it deserved all those moments of communion and intimacy and oneness. Probably moments of momentary stardom, of confection of rich little joys of near two year's worth, of the sorrow slushes that kept me trapped behind. Probably in denial of those extreme feelings that makes you want to sense the electric spark in the wires...or crush the stones to meaningless faint powders.
But Probably I wasn't not trying to be so...

On one side trying to make it less of a ho-hum monologue and Probably more of a informative and salutary and Relevant - yes that Relevant with a capital R - to whoever who came here. Probably it was good and bad, Probably I don't (want to) know.
And on the other side Probably it was a struggle to...

It has stayed with me in all these times of my disillusionment for a whole lot
of things, but Probably I still lamely ignored it. Probably I don't want to know the future of it where I'll go with this, hmm Probably I can't keep up with it.

But Probably I can't not write also... But thank you, Blogger, you have been intoxicating in all consummate ways. Probably.

And Thanks AG for your honor! No, no Probably here. Cut it down :)

Now Probably I have to felicitate my fellows...Haven't had many
blog friends in all these times, though follow quite a few, and others don't have presence here on the web to be commended, Probably :(. But these two have to be there, any which way:

Cyzak: For his continued interest in reading out the every little meaningful part in all my meaningless posts. Trust me your blog posts make much more 'real' sense. True :)

F @ The Solitary Reaper: Got onto his blog lately. What to say....there's so much more to him than his this blog. Sorry unintroduced ppl :)

**You both need to felicitate another set of co-blogs with this Cachet, and intimate them...don't forget!
**Swear won't use Probably again, hmm for maybe next couple of months. Probably ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Flames Staying Alive.

Hey Lady...
You are so much of something.
Hey Lady...Don't you wonder
You've never been down so low.

Didn't the morning sun...once
Used to stare at your glow.

Oh were to be
Dancing full in this spring.

Hey just lift your eyes around,
And look at little joys floating.
And think about those of them,
That you had created Lady
About the longing loves
Still lying for you awaited.

Didn't you always like Swerving

Swifter and Higher in these winds.

The inconclusive ignorance,
In Souls the painful voidness;
And crazy sparks within smoke,
Flinging right across the numbness

The closing storm, And those
Wider Skies - A little less higher.

Lady they all await your healing
Or kissing, with same old tender

But look where you are now lady,
You broke, moke; you stormful Stoic.
With those hush-hush doubts,
Those tin cans of disbelief
You swooned before the acme;
And fell before sensing your wings

And Lady you never wondered that
Even Fires within can be so Cathartic...

A tiny hole in the closed window,
Or gliff of dusts unsettling...

Whatever costs you lady
Your own old smile,
Or those set of beady eyes,
I saw once illuminating...
Go win them back it's
Been such a long while.
Go have a look there's so much
Of Life and Spur and Stimulus,
Even in those lissome Flames
Holding on in the Wind - Confronting.

**I am homogeneously clueless why I've written this all, leave alone for whom :) Maybe Someone arbitrary (Is it). Somewhere needful. Someday timeless.
Image: Flickr