Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Association Syndrome...What?

Imagining against reason. Sure call it an 'Association Syndrome', but often when I encounter someone/thing, and if right then there's some tunes playing in the background, I quickly tend to identify that person/thing right in the music. And vice-versa too! And whenever either of the strange affinities reoccur to me, I keep wondering how the music is so nicely entrenched with the idiosyncrasies of that entity...it just freaks me out!

So Imagine the old man walking across the street, with the cap and the supporting stick - slim like himself; and without those artificial teeth...and then you listen to the recurring echoes from a Joshua Bell's Violin - Hmm remember that tender tune from the vintage Titan Watch Ad? (For the unawares, the Grammy Award-winning Bell is the one of the finest violinist of all times). Is it just a worn-out surreal correlation, sprung out of my (dis)belief - that the old man has got something to do with the obsessive smugness of that tune.

Or Imagine reading in a book about that girl with a curious mirror, primping her short red gown and drifting her lissome legs - and just then the tango music plays in your background...Like the one in that scene from the Scent of a Woman - when the blind-but-most-dreamful Al Pachino makes Gabrielle Anwar dance, full to her last surprise. And you wonder.

Or Imagine ringing up your pal and the caller tune plays the mischievous Malgudi Days soundtrack "Taanna Nana...", and just then you glance upon a tiny frisky-frolicking squirrel hopping across the wall-side in a scurry. And for a moment's worth of clueless-ness, you rush to theorize why do they seem soooo effortlessly related. Am I being insane here?

Or Imagine getting a hair-cut in the little barber's shop next street - small and rickety, with the only thing clean and shiny there being his mirror. A defunct radio and its dust-full of speakers rests in one corner. And there in the mirror you see two flirtatious faces, conspiring gleefully, riding on the same bicycle on the street behind your seat...And just then out of its whim, that radio plays this chirpy old Kishore melody for the occasion: "Aaj unse pahli mulaakat hogi!..." [This is the first meeting with my date, today!]... What else.

Or Imagine
you huddle across the pedestrian, unmindful, and your IPod plays these lines from the sensuous hit Iris, just as you watch some urchins fighting each other on the roadside rubble, for a little of money, for the more of ignorance. The bottled up emotions, the luminous faces still harbouring some dream nevertheless...

...And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming / Or the moment of truth in your lies;
When everything seems like the movies / Yeah you bleed just to know your alive...

So do you domesticate any musical (blond) moments?...or is it just me.