Sunday, September 30, 2007

Look Big Boys Fighting.

A search ended in some way, partially. A hidden thirst satiated for a while. Don't know how many minds damn about it, but I had my eyes looking for something of this sort all along since I picked up history books in schools. As näive blokes those days, the fear of teacher sticks made us rote about World Wars Dates and Itinerary...War & Peace, then lull then Peace & War again - Limited War, Freedom War, Civil War, Cold War - so many of them.
Then again the debates in college about what brought the freedom, followed by muted Gandhisim-wont-work-today arguments. I don't wanna get back to the wheel, so lets get to the point...
I don't like just quoting someone else's work to make up a blog post, but this one was compelling...
Here's an article on Non-violence I've pondered upon for a while now. The excerpts copied:

"...It worked with the British; it would not have worked with Hitler, Stalin or Mao Zedong. The African National Congress had to fight a violent liberation war to bring down the apartheid regime.
Non-violence does not work while defending a situation of status quo which is under attack, where the adversary is on the offensive to change the existing order of things. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were attempting to destroy the status quo and replace the existing order with one of their own vision with the use of enormous violence.
Today, bin Laden, Lashkar-e-Taiba and their ISI supporters are out to change the status quo with the use of indiscriminate violence. No non-violent protest would be of any avail against them.
Gandhi did make this distinction. Therefore, against the British Raj defending the status quo, he wisely prescribed civil disobedience as the appropriate strategy of attack. When it came to resisting invaders in Kashmir who were out to change the status quo in Kashmir with the use of violence, he endorsed the use of army to stop them. Gandhi's reply to General Cariappa highlights that philosophically he had not solved the problem of non-violence in defense..."

If this doesn't appear shit to you please see through the full article. Hmm no if you don't bother reaching there wait there's more excerpt, I can't help... I know you all and I are *?# :

"...Pyarelal mentions General Cariappa asking Gandhi a month before the latter's death on the relevance of non-violence to the armed forces.
The general asked: "I cannot do my duty well by the country if I concentrate only on telling troops of non-violence, all the time subordinating their main task of preparing themselves efficiently to be good soldiers. So I ask you.
Tell me, please how I can put this over i.e., the spirit of non-violence to the troops, without endangering their sense of duty?" Gandhi replied, "I am still groping in the dark for the answer. I will find it and give it to you some day". That day, unfortunately, did not come..."

So here we are with something handful, if you agree. Whatever said, read and debated in the dog days seems a bit insignificant now after reading this. I wont put my viewpoint now...and nor do we need Leo Tolstoy with his War & Peace to fathom facts here.
Anyway this piece of Eminem's Stan I remember serves well to end things here...
Sorry for ending things disconnected, you just think.
It late night now and gotta go, and all you my-Pacifist-Brothers sleep happy. Amen.

"...I'm in the car right now. I'm doing 90 on the freeway.
Hey Slim, "I drank a fifth of vodka, ya dare me to drive?"
You know that song by Phil Collins from "The Air In The Night"?
About that guy who could have saved that other guy from drowning?
But didn't? Then Phil saw it all then at his show he found him?
That's kinda how this is. You could have rescued me from drowning.
Now it's too late. I'm on a thousand downers now, I'm drowsy..."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Of Triumphs And Trudges

There was it again...the young guns standing tall with a deservedly triumph, 4 in a row. However this time it was bigger one: the final soup at T20. There's a new wave around here, aggressive and insurmountable. The game has changed, the strategy has changed, but the spirit remains the same...yet more gripping and jazzier. Few trends are noticeable that marks this coming of age. The transformation is manifested in the world around you:

Risky Minded: Calculated smart risk pays well. Growing number of us from IIT's and IIM's are riding on the entrepreneurial waves these days. New avenues are opening day by day and this dovetails well with the rising youth population. Dhoni and his fearless men symbolize this on the playground. But you need to believe in:

Present, As It Is: It's a crunch, make no mistake, Life's a smash. Eminem says "Life has one shot, don't miss blow it" in "Lose Yourself". On the ground every ball is an opportunity. Outside also everyday behooves from you something new and special, but you gotta find it. Present is all you have; speed and multitudinous can be killing, which brings me to the next point.

ADD Mad: I am talking about Attention Deficit Disorder. You have your cellphone, your iPod, your home PC, your office Laptop, your TV, your girlfriend, you zen and lifehacking habits, your credit-card callers, your dreams at night, your aspirations for tomorrow...All seeking your fragmented attention in between the extravagance. And then you look for instant gratification everywhere...have to say T20 is the result of this same instant-gratification for Success everywhere. And so we have:

Time lapses, Money flows: You are trying to fit in your boxes with every flower you can find, but have forgotten their smell. Shrinking daily activities and living double than you've been before, looking for spices in everything you taste. The every-weekend-multiplex culture is kind of addiction rolled into a package for you.

Don't lap up at the fickle disquietude way of life, find your place and how you can pay-off in the disorder instead. Dhoni and his Men have this message for you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Things We Didn't Know...

There's a lot many things we don't know about education when we are (were) into baking and toiling our big books for some living in the future. The ignorance can be killing at times to most, for all those life defining turns and moments simply wont take place, and there you are left dragging your life. There is this well written article by noted scriptwriter Jaideep Sahni (Chak De, Khosla Ka Ghosla...):

"I was fifteen years old when I was asked to decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I’ve often wondered at the stupidity of this - how can a 15-year-old possibly make such a decision? The second thing I’ve never understood is the way I was asked. I was asked to choose the direction of the rest of my life from science, commerce and arts. Can all the millions of wonderful options in life be classified into three things? ..."

Read the complete story. Just to mention, before Jaideep stumbled upon the scripts and found the writer in him, he has gone through all the same wandering for years, as an ad-man and the next-door IT guy. More about him here.

Way to go, partner.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

[ I N . . .     ]

In the Greatness of Hill Heights,
In the Shrill of Cheers n Claps,
In the Dust of Sprinting Shoes,

In the Rolling Tears from Eyes,
In the Lines of Executing Code,
In the Airs of a Victory Whistle,

In the Tension of Plucked Strings,
In the Farness of Telescope Lens',
In the Mirror's Shine facing You,

In the Vocal veins of a Tenor,
In the Lips curved for a Smile,
In the Flow of Writer's Dark Ink,
In the Pigments of Framed Potrait,

In the Stretch of Flying Wings,
In the Perfectness of 2+2 = ... ,
In the Fixed Direction of Cold Rails,
In the Beckoning of a Cheerleader,

In the Freshness of Your First Breathe,
In the Chill after Hard-done Sweating,
In the Bubbles of Tumbling Metaphors,
In the Hunt of Twilight at Tunnel's End,

In the Circular Thoughts of Kids,
In the Colors of Their Fantasies,
In the Shrug of Young Shoulders,
In the Steadiness of Old Soiled Feet,

In the Frivolity of Homespun Pranks,
In the Lost Speed of Crossing Light,
In the Thin Wait for Forgotten Friend,
In the Friendship with not-called 'Friends'...

Didn't intend to end with the last two dispirited lines, but they stood strong...and I stopped. Neglect them.
Wished to write more. Btw, welcome You to Comment Some of Your "In The's...". Lets Live A Little.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Smart Bricks In The Wall...

By the time we all started out with the name-hobby thing for one another, it seemed we've already been friends since long. A pleasant moment in the evening filled with so much vibe, with bubbles of fanciful dreams, and with that soft clamor...No doubt children come in all different ShApEs and do their chocolates and their chocolate-box ideas. Some play tough, some talk high, some conspire good, some just see through things!, some are elegant at being mute and some just dream damn big and make it true.

At their age I was...hmm maybe more dumber than any of them :), thanks to Akanksha being there for them. It's slew of efforts for these underprivileged kids is commendable, and now I m trying to play a part...Good Ain't So:)

We are supposed to mentor these kids, with some informal education, some nuggets of wisdom. I asked Somebody already been there for sometime and Somebody said it's been a "Enriching" experience. I don't know what Somebody meant by "Enriching" there, but I guess I would've told the same to you. So much of the world is lost when you try to capture it in just a single word, so much unsaid things lost around just because there wasn't any context to carry them.

Kids are like riffles of swift spring water, riding high on their bounty fantasies. They shud be given the luxury to live every moment, in their dreamland, up away among the stars. Free of shit around here.
Oh I'm going back tooo the Start...