Saturday, September 20, 2008

The One Where I Was Tagged.

So I've been tagged and am required to furnish some answers on the podium. There it goes...

What do you do when...

- You see a man (or woman) making a pass (trying to woo/flirt/impress) on a woman (or man) you like?
I'll successfully cajole him not to commit the mistake that I did :) ...And that is yet to happen. Ha ha.

- Someone you like, is not attracted to you?
What's the big deal. Is that something new among we naïve blokes! Go get a life there's so much (and many!) to it, I would say!

- You are attracted to some one, but both of you are in two different cities?
Poor Boy (Girl): Here goes four line from this overly popular strangely sensuous ballad, for you:

"So close no matter how far,
Couldn't be much more from the Heart
Forever trusting who you are...
And Nothing Else Matters..."

With 'Repeat' till they meet and redeem out of the separation :)

- You are reading a book, and your best friend wants to borrow it and can’t wait for you to finish reading, ‘coz he/she has been looking for it for all their life?
Give it to him/her but with unbreakable promise that (s)he would have to narrate the best out of it back to me at full length...And If it is "she" it would be more fulfilling than reading itself :) And anyway I can't read much :)

- You help plan his / her career, and then, they go on to achieve it, leaving you behind, alone...
That's a harsh, but why to keep high expectations at the first place...Of Course I know it's impossible to have none, but better keep it to bare minimum...Isn't it? Just be cautious :) No one is reponsible for what you 'decide' to feel and react. And let that person fully Know it. And if it's a girl...I kind of always knew that :)

- Who am I...
Now that's the toughest one, after many trials. Let me try out another way. In fact that's all I can do...Is it...
I am a part time worker...and maybe full time thinker. Not living the twenty-something dream but making sure hard to figure out and what is it all I've got that I could give back around and what would just Click for me. And yes I love the speed of light, the freshness of old times with good people, the smell of the green grass, the smiles on a daring face...and maybe more.

- Insert (and add) a new question(s) / statement(s)...
Question to the Tag Maker...and to the tagged fellows:
~ Frequently, or for once - What is the One thing that brings-in-smile-to-your-face/or pisses-you-off quite
unexpectedly !?!

And I Tag: Cyzak.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Stolen Incident

Last few weeks has been a little less than a writing spin for me...(at least by my lazy standards), but I can hardly bring them all here, for it'll appear nearly kitschy given the austere and bordering-to-no-nonsensical taste of this blog...:) Err I mean those content will appear honestly pompous. As if our own Rabbi Shergill - full of him, of his folky sufi tones, is made to sing out loud among the gospel prayer choir nuns. Lol.

Anyway I wanted to (really) bring in some of those essays...So here it is, although a bit stripped down and more narrative. The Essay prompt asked me to discuss something I...I *Like* to do, some Incident of an achievement's worth, something unfathomable, unrelated to classrooms or corporate meeting-rooms but yet swashbuckling-ly valuable in someone's eye...Great they didn't ask me to 'Show' what's in it all...Otherwise they would kill these words...Or me. Sigh. Not really :-)
"You all need intensive rehearsal this much won't do..." announced the choreographer in a clinical monotone, and not after we could breathe ourselves into a stupor for the time-out, he exhorted "I may cancel your item I can't compromise with the standard of MY Show! Better Scrap your thing from it." It felt like hot winds has blown over the desert. We all stood there obscured in night - we careworn moonlighting dancers, full of a day’s worth of work. At least then we sensed we were much more than sum of ourselves - homogenously motivated, committed to capture a piece of timeless art on the stage.

Our troop was, well to say the least - an eclectic, weird and steeped bunch of idiosyncrasies - living in a collective bender for the moment, detached all from their professional identities. Sales people, Radio Programmers, I-Bankers, IT Programmers, Arts students, Bank Managers, Home-makers, Actors - everyone with a story to tell, everyone living in a collective bender for the moment...Wonder doesn't that resemble typical study groups of the BSchools. We all belong to varying age groups and that matters the least. I have observed that there remains a lot to be learnt from the team itself, from really everyone of it, leave alone one's own enactments - adept colleagues display how to remain unassuming and composed however tough the sequences are and whether they trip or succeed; while more importantly, the less confident or dim ones make you want to be more accountable and enterprising for the co-acts you are performing.

We used to practice in a rickety school hall...just big enough to fit the widest of the formations, one troop at a time. And if the space still remained hostile, other troops would move to open air quads outisde :) Nights were more pleasant than weekend daylights in those roofless hallway, when dust and sun could really get the last sweat out of ours. It was hard for me to tell whether we were traivailing more or were our Instructors in keeping us onto the toe. It isn't the best of the job I tell you, but maybe has it's own rewards. They store the best of the motions we could hardly contend in all its subtleties, and they store it for the best.

The show day approached quicker than we could really sense, sense all what we've been doing (read: conspiring). The final stage rehearsals went bad and good and bad. But we did manage to keep our Instructors and Choreographer complacent for brief moments during our acts...and that was enough :) "There's no Style?" "Do your steps in full and clear" "Where's the Attitude!" "Can't see Any waist's No filmy number." "Identify with the beats" "Lead your partneers Guys..." No more of it our face...For sometime at least!

Show went ok.

Sometimes I wonder Is every piece of art (a big word, if qualified to be considered that) normally driven by some muse, some inspiration, some magical rainmaker that can shake things up for you...or is it just what it is, without a reason...?

I had written more on this, just prior to the Show.