Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Just had a collateral Lucid Dream yestarday night...

Is it too abstruse?...Hope it translates out well here...I assume everyone is familiar with this Einstein's Equation. No More Words...Let the representation reach you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

That Puff Of Smoke...

We met after a long time. It was a pleasant time together...and to do some quality talk u always (okh, not always for that matter) need something different...that gets u into the mood, and sets the ambience right.

Not surprisingly, some ppl Booze...that sets them on, and being sozzled up gives them a second life...surely. In our case it wasn't possible...me being teetotaller (for some strange stupid reason...as they say) made things complicated as to what we should do then.

He offered me a smoke. I had tried that only Once all before. Strangely enough, without hesitation I picked that up.

Sometimes doing things together is more important what the thing is, I guess.

It felt gud, and then we talked and talked about all our good and bad heart-felt experiences...that u carve to share on these prized moments only.

*And then we puffed again.

*And stop.

*And not again after that...

I believe if something makes ur moment really special shouldn't be resisted, u gotta break shackles of ur self-prison and stop being conservative......Liberal mindest always helps...provided u just have then the gumption to be conscioulsy aware of wat u are doing...and Feel Free! Do I sound Nuts ?*$%^@#%.

P.S.: "They Say Neccessay Is The Mother Of Invention...

That's Why Cigarette Lighter Was Invented Before Matchstick...!"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

KNOWN Strangers

Strangers come in all Shapes and Colors. Often when I get to travel somewhere I encounter them...Lots & lots of them. Well all they do is to just leave a fleeting feeling inside you, that fades away soon. Last week I had another fruitful experience.

In the milling crowd of the airport, or railway station, it's a good pastime having them, their idiosyncrasies often sets me thinking: "How can anyone like him/her exist in this world?", "Why the hell is she making such hue and cry?", "Will this swaggering dude ever stop being insane." bla bla bla...
And the process starts - We start delineating a whole life out from their appearance and physiognomy (i.e. face reading)...
Enough. More or less I find my strangers fall into following genuses:

If by mistake you chance upon them, their why-me face will say it all...they will be very defensive answering simple questions, seems like their never-talk-to-strangers moms have groomed them well enough. I prefer to stay away from them.

These seems to have just come out of their corporate boardrooms...calculated diplomatic answers...with a feigning enigmatic smile, or think about that plastic smile...with a zombie-sh attitude (Think about the air hostesses on your last Airbus trip). Huh. Enough of these cardboard characters...just kill that veneer of self-proclaimed vanity of professionalism...Phuleeeazzze.

KNOWN Strangers:
Oh my!...talking to them just for a moment leaves a gnawing sense..wish I could meet him/her again (Hey this is not just abt beautiful chics ONLY!). I mean this could either be the personal bonhomie, or the helpful-chimerical attitude that cast spell on you, or their brash free-wheeling persona...all in all it means connecting at a higher level...as if you already KNOW them...it's not just hi-hello chit chat.

Anyway I guess a courteous cheerful face with a just-be-yourself attitude is good enough to connect that way...or maybe people here better need a lesson on Emotional Intelligence I guess, in this mechanical world.